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Readers Respond: Anti-Hindu Propaganda for Kids

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What do you have to say, when a Christian kid’s website says: "Wouldn't you rather have just one God who loves you a bunch than a bunch of gods that don't love you at all?" followed by a more explicit advisory: "Jesus loves everybody, even the unsaved like Habu! Remember to pray for Habu and others like him that they may find Jesus and accept Him into their hearts!” Have your say!


—Guest hindu

Why do we have so many gods

Well does it trouble you having so many gods. In christian religion there is trinity..Then why do you think of one god . In hinduism there is difference between gods BHAGABAN (the supreme god ) ISWAR (SHIVA and BRAMHA) DEBATA (lower god).lord VISNU is the supreme god (BHAGABAN) who creates the universe . And then he creates other gods SHIVA and BRAMHA and gives them the duties of destroying the devil and creating the life respectively and then BRAMHA creates four vedas (the old text of the world )and seven bramhins and then he creates MANU (the first man ) and his wife. So BHAGABAN VISHNU is the beginner of the beginning who not only creates the world but also comes to earth in many forms like RAMA, KRISHNA JESUS and many more.. Only to save the humans from destroying. For more reads hindu texts especially BHAGABATGITA .
—Guest Rajibbaroi

Who is the real God?

What is GOD? God=absolutely SOLE+absolutely PURE+absolutely INDEPENDENT+absolutely POWERFUL+not born from anyone+does not give birth to anyone+and finally, there is none like him. These are all the qualifications for anyone to be considered as GOD. Failing to match even one condition, shall never be claimed as GOD. Now, I challenge you all to match these qualifications with anybody on this planet. For instance, let us take JESUS (May peace n blessings be upon him) first. Is he ALONE? Yes. There is no body identical to Jesus. Therefore, first condition has been matched. Is he pure? Absolutely NO! I'll be pretty happy to prove you this logically. Jesus was born to Virgin Mary (May peace n blessings be upon her). Imagine, GOD being delivered through human's womb. This one statement is enough to prove that, Jesus is absolutely DEPENDENT. Thus, he failed. Same goes with Shiva, Ram, Ganesh & etc as they were married, n thus they lost their purity.
—Guest Lucky

One god in Christianity?

Jesus said: my God, why hast Thou forsaken me? Begs the question: if I and my father are one, how could I forsake myself? You see folks, Christianity has been drilled into us and we don't analyse it to see if it makes sense. For example, why did Jesus have to die for our sins?We weren't even there at the time! And although he preached that you will reap as you sow, he supposedly died for our sins proving himself wrong!
—Guest chandra

Christianity and Gods

I do not believe that Jesus intended to create a religion called Christianity. The religion was formed by humans after Jesus's time. It is human beings who took him too personally and misinterpreted many of his teachings. Even today most Christian churches happily omit the difficult parts of Jesus's teachings (simply those in which Jesus speaks about Karma) and focuses only on the power of Jesus to cleanse one's sins. In one of his discourses (the Sermon on the Mount) Jesus very clearly says that if you have listened to all these teachings of mine and do not follow them or enact them, then it is akin to a foolish man who built his house on sand (and the rain came only to bring the house down!) Jesus's main mission was to tell the people that there is a higher purpose in this mortal life and that death is not an end point. Faith (in the spirit), Love (one another as you love your own body) and carrying one's own cross (the suffering one has to go through when he stands for the truth)
—Guest matt

Many Gods

To have more than one God is a nonsense, the words on this page are meaningless. What does " we cannot experience the sun itself, but we can experience its rays" actually mean? It means we DO experience the sun itself. The wording on this website is very carefully managed to illicit confusions amongst the readers to bamboozle them into accepting what is clearly utter folly. How exactly does one, as a human being, derive any morales from a plethora of gods who all contradict each other at some stage? It is nonsense. I hope all your readers realise that when practising 'yoga' etc, the intention is in fact to make contact with demons and spirits, which to me is an example of the type of thinking the people behind this practise are capable of. Modern day New Agers, with all the chanting and meditating that goes along with it, have simply been given a repackaged ancient technique for calling upon demons and the like. The sooner people wake upto this type of nonsense, the better for us all.
—Guest Deadly Truth

Reply to Haley Anne

You have asked some valid questions Anne. However, what you refer to as 'Gods' is actually dieties through which you focus on a formless spirit- God if you like. The Matrix of life is too complex to be understood in its full depth. The answer to this is not to resort to Reductionism, but to engage in a process of a search using all the five senses. Hinduism does not preach rituals which are only for those who cannot comprehend Spirituality, where 'God' is a pure spirit that resides in every one. All that is required is to peel oof the layers that obscure that Spirit, just like a Sculptor sculpts a beautiful work of art from a very ordinary piece of rock or metal, by removing the ugliness around it!


Great message of God's love. There have been many times when God bslseed me after I slipped. It's always a reminder of His unconditional love. He longs to shower us with His love!Thanks for the post. God bless:)
—Guest nxzhLvessEQGAwC

So what???

I have to say right that I was extremely disappointed with the article. I still feel like the question was unanswered. Why do you have so many gods and goddesses after all? I also dont know why people are freaking out! As Christians we are called to share the truth with everyone. The people on that website did not say hey accept Christ or I will come to your house and kill you! No they might have gone a little overboard with the so many gods thing but seriously now 300 million!!!! Why would you need that many? And if you thought that you knew the truth then wouldnt you want to tell people? If you thought that all people who believe in God will spend eternity in joy and others who didnt believe in him would spend eternity without him in pain wouldnt you want people to spend eternity in happiness? And for those who think wow how could God leave us in Hell thats what you asked for? It is Gods last act of mercy. You didnt want him so thats what he gave you.
—Guest Haley anne


My friends ask me why do Hindus have to pray to so many Gods. Simple Answer: It is just like respecting ur mum, dad, teachers and friends. You love everyone of them and you cannot deny anyone of your love. The Gods were created for THE TEMPLE WITHIN YOUR HEART SO IT IS UP TO YOU to choose who you want to pray to. It can be Allah, Jesus, Mary, Buddha, Shiva, Shakti or any living thing. It is ultimately how you perceive him, her or it. We also believe in the five elements. Do not discriminate or ill-feed anyone with sayings like you will go to hell if you do not accept a particular religion. I am a STAUNCH HINDU but I appreciate all religions and BELIEVE THAT NO RELIGION TEACHES BAD! CAN ANYONE TELL ME OR PROVE TO ME THAT JESUS OR ALLAH WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY HUMAN BEING OF ANY RELIGION IF HE OR SHE DOES GOOD DEEDS. HAIL TO ALL RELIGIONS!!!!!!!
—Guest Yogi


The greatest virtue of Hinduism is that it is inclusive as opposed to exclusive faiths which brand those who do not conform to their narrow confines (prophets and commandments) as heathens and heretics. The equivalent in Hinduism is 'Nastik' who also plays a part in the functioning of the society. In another sense also it is inclusive in that it says that God resides in each being and we need only to realize Him.

I am proud to become a real hindu

Try to undertand and find about your mind, where it comes from , then you will follow to hinduism to find the god. as you said, there no somany gods, that you misunderstand, these the path to the supremgod... as jesus says your belive is help you to live good or bad, god has no concern about your worries, your mind is cause to all your good and bad... read and understand the inner meaning of bagavatham.. you may have all answer of all questions arise your mind.. ...... Loka Samastha Sugino Bhavanthu..
—Guest Subhash

anti-Hindu propaganda

The arrogance of some Christians reminds me of a race identified in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine I think they were called Cardassians. On what planet do they think that God is as close-minded as they are. What I love about Hinduism is that God (or any of His incarnations) isn't portrayed as resembling any one race....so I actually feel included and don't feel the need to be white.
—Guest tenshi


I was raised a Christian, and the intolerance always bothered me. I searched many Christian religions, never finding one where God was present. Thanks to the Mercy of Krishna, I finally found my home. I am a devotee of Krishna, and I finally feel at peace. Thanks to Prabhupadaand that remarkable journey he undertook, I know the love of Radha-Krishna and take shelter of their lotus feet. This is a 5000 year old religion, which has been used as the basis for many others. I love Krishna and his devotees, who are so understanding and kind to me. They welcome everyone to temple, and they are so good and sweet. I am happy, I found my God, and his name is Krishna. Hare bol !!

Three in one

Don't Christians believe in. God the farther, God the son and God the holy ghost. Is this three Gods or one God. Some parts of Christianity believe in the Mother of God. I think Christianity has enough problems of it's own without calling other Religions.
—Guest Paul Garvey
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