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Readers Respond: Anti-Hindu Propaganda for Kids

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What do you have to say, when a Christian kid’s website says: "Wouldn't you rather have just one God who loves you a bunch than a bunch of gods that don't love you at all?" followed by a more explicit advisory: "Jesus loves everybody, even the unsaved like Habu! Remember to pray for Habu and others like him that they may find Jesus and accept Him into their hearts!” Have your say! Share Your Thoughts


infinite no. Of gods r the infinite ways of depicting the one infinite reality. Somewhere it is depicted as mother and as father , frend with many names and figures. C the infine can b described in infinite ways even then he remains undescribed. In india a no. Of rishis and great men had described the one reality in their own ways. It is also a good thing because people can understand the infinite through infinite ways. Different peoLe have different tastes so one option may not b suficient.
—Guest anuj

The hindu fabricated history

Practicing hindus have a tendency ,to portray hinduism as the most peaceful religion,they may say hindus have never attacked any country etc,This is simple fabrication of history,it is very clear that the upper catse hindus are decendents of migrant colonisers ,who came from regions near central asia and they subjugated dark skinned native people,they branded the natives as untouchables and there are many recorded instances of cruel treatment meted out to the native dark skinned people,Hinduism preaches Loka samastha sukhino bhavanthu and practices discriminatory policies.If it was not for the british to liberate india from the mughals ,hindus may not even had a country of their own
—Guest jay


If anyone fools themselves that dalits are somehow unique to India , Think again , the fuedal system socio economic process in nearly all countries have like in the west its the class structure. Here the dalits and everyone else will be the under class. The only difference is here you will be converted to Islam or Christianity and you will sit where you are told and be a token. Get real . And as for Hinduism being the perpetrator of evil. Really , it is like any other traitors , self interested people like other religions . It is individuals and mankind who does the evil in the name of god and religion. Indians with Indian heritage in keep knocking your own are giving India away . You are just demonising yourself , history , heritage. Some of the remarks here are outrageous . Is it because it carries its own religious biases and one said the story often belongs to who the victor is and who can shout the most .
—Guest ret


It's actually quite amazing how Christians disrespect and even belittle other religions. Is this what the Bible teaches them? If so, then I will never become a Christian. Life is all about respect. It is actually very sad as to how Christians can actually tell people of other religions that they are going to go to hell. Who are they to judge? Are they God??? Ultimately God is an energy, he has many forms and there are many paths to him. Hence different religions and beliefs. Once people of all religions realize this, the world would become a much happier place and there won't be any discrimination against other religions. So guys, wake up and smell the coffee! we are all human and equal, we may have different skin tones and beliefs, but we all strive for salvation.
—Guest D.Pillay

Gods and Godesses

You are also publishing wrong things; Hindus have not so many gods or goddesses. In English, there are no words for Devi or Devta so they use this as god and goddess. Hindu believes in one Great God i.e. Param Atman. Others are Devis and Devtas. Worshipping Devis and Devtas are like worshipping Jesus, Joseph, Mariam, St. George, or numerous kinds of saints or praying to Sufi makbaras, Haji Ali, Ajmer Chishti, Nisamuddin etc. Through them, we can pray nothing wrong in this. Christians worship not only the god Jehova but also saints and their bones, teeth; skulls etc., there are so many such churches in India also. Better to accept god and spread love among human beings.
—Guest Ajit Leo

bed comment

the thing is not right that one god is love very much. we should proud that we have lot of god. that means we have such a huge mythological story than other.They do their different responsibilities in different role. thanks god I am Hindu
—Guest harish


Some years ago at a dinner meeting a devout Christian asked me point blank - Do you want to go to Heaven. Without a blink I said "no to your heaven.Lord Krishna has a Heaven for me and when I go there I can be with my long gone loved ones."
—Guest Bala.Wariyar

don divide

dont publish such things creating differences. irrespective of religion they preach goodness and defeat of evil.
—Guest ashokkumar

foolish jim

this guy, jim wilson, is using the sexual deviants' strategem of "anti- everything the smacks of Christanity (and often morality itself), to promote their god-less agenda. This same cadre of devilish deviants is using the same tactics he is accusing Christians of using, by teaching homosexuality in the school system, as an acceptable way of life. Get 'im while their young 'huh!?

Is one god is god!

respect for another religion is a must! people may be different color, but united by one faith! all gods is one god, but different avatars, preach people one same equal message towards Ascension, so why waste time abusing other religions! one who is racist,who have time to preach bad messages, should think that when his comes to an end , then all karma will be returned to him! That moment is a joyful time, as god will punish him in hell! Thank you for this topic!
—Guest Aiko

LOL Don't worry

Yeah man, don't worry about them, they are a Biased Christian Website targeting 3-5 year olds that sell fricking THONGS in the Online Gift Shop. ... GOOD JOB.
—Guest Satori

Hinduism is not the oldest religion

Guest Shreyansh, I recomend you learn more about history, Scientists Have proved that the world is a lot much older, and they found prove of it among others in the Rig Veda. Before diseminating propagand you should really search for the Real Absolute, without sectarian conditions, taht only separate us.

many GODS

Hindu do not have many gods as other people beleive. but there is only one GOD and in different forms. even JesusChrist, Krishna, Mohamed, Budha are ONE, but appear to each typer of people in different places of the world. there are ressemblance in their existance and the teaching are the same. only those that which has been disfigured by men's transcription and falsifying of scriptures.
—Guest deelip


My guess is that the Popester and his gang are probably more thtearened by Buddhism than other religions, because Buddhism in many regards is an anti-religion. It encourages meditation and introspection as a way of gaining enlightenment and discovery of spiritual truth. Even better, it doesn't have a God! So, it is so radically different that the Jewish, Islamic, Christian way of thinking. And probably pretty threatening with the number of people in the world who follow Buddhism.crusher.com
—Guest gBwdMshLLacFUl


affinity to krishna? i guess the aniffity depends on the GOD' he is introduced with in the beginning which forms the foundation around which his understanding of hinduism is built. ISKON calls krishna the Supreme. But in fact the supreme' is formless and nameless. In fact he is beyond mind and comprehension.
—Guest KdCGwOUN

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Anti-Hindu Propaganda for Kids

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