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Great Hindu Mathematicians

Early Mathematicians of India


The earliest expression of mathematical understanding is inextricably linked with the origin of Hinduism. Mathematics formed an important part of the Vedas - the original Hindu scriptures - associated with ritual activities and the study of 'ganit' or mathematics was given special importance in the Vedic period.

Mathematics in Early Hindu Texts
Arithmetic operations including squares, cubes and roots are mentioned in the 'Narad Vishnu Purana' attributed to Ved Vyas (c 1000 BC), and the 1000 BC Vedic text 'Vedang Jyotish' says: "Just as the feathers of a peacock and the jewel-stone of a snake are placed at the highest point of the body, so is the position of mathematics the highest amongst all branches of the Vedas and the Shastras."

Seminal Figures in Mathematics
Hindu mathematicians, from Vedic times to the modern age have been in the forefront of making seminal contributions in the field mathematics. Here's some of the most celebrated names in the history of Indian mathematics.

Early Hindu Mathematicians

  • Brahmagupta (c. 598-c. 670)
  • Govindaswami (c. 800-850)
  • Mahavira (Mahaviracharya) (850)
  • Pruthudakaswami (850)
  • Sridhara (900)
  • Manjula (930)
  • Aryabhata II (950)
  • Prashastidhara (958)
  • Halayudha (975)
  • Jayadeva (1000)
  • Sripathi (1039)
  • Hemachandra Suri (b. 1089)
  • Bhaskara (1114-c. 1185)
  • Cangadeva (1205)
  • Madhava of Sangamagramma (c. 1340-1425)
  • Narayama Pandit (1350)
  • Paramesvara (1360-1455)
  • Nilakantha Somayaji (1455-1555)
  • Sankara Variar (c. 1500-1560)
  • Narayana (c. 1500-1575)
  • Jyesthadeva (550)
  • Acyuta Pisarati (c. 1550-1621)
  • Putumana Somayaji (c. 1660-1740)
  • Jaganath Pandit (1700)
  • Sankara Varman (1800)

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