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South is Bad in Vedic Architecture

Scientist Warns Govt. Leaders


Updated August 30, 2005
- Improper Design of Government Buildings Promotes Disorderly Thinking, Infighting
- President Bush Should Close South Entrance to the White House
- PM Blair Should Forgo South Entrance to 10 Downing Street in London

Divisive and destructive government policies will become more coherent and harmonious overnight if government leaders live and work in buildings that are properly designed according to the principles of ancient Vedic architecture in harmony with natural law.

This was an advice delivered recently by Dr. John Hagelin, renowned quantum physicist from Harvard and president of the US Peace Government, during a Washington press briefing. Dr. Hagelin, a Vedic architecture buff, is calling on the world press to urge government leaders in every country to abandon their improperly designed government buildings and replace the old buildings with properly oriented, "fortune-creating" offices and residences that face the rising sun in the east. Such buildings will promote orderly thinking and thereby ensure greater harmony and success for the government, and peace and prosperity for the nation.

"Nothing good will ever come from the government as long as the leaders are living and working in the disorderly influence of improperly designed and oriented buildings," Dr. Hagelin said. "The leaders should flee these old buildings as if they were hit by an earthquake."

Dr. Hagelin said that recent research shows a marked improvement in the efficiency of neuronal functioning when the head is oriented towards the east compared to the south. "The positive effects of a proper eastern orientation on the brain and behavior are now being documented by modern science," Dr. Hagelin said.

And that is why Dr. Hagelin said he is calling on President Bush and Prime Minister Blair to immediately shut down the south entrances to the White House and to 10 Downing Street because of their deleterious effects on brain functioning and orderliness of thinking-to help them make wiser, more intelligent decisions for their people and the world.

For the same reason, Dr. Hagelin is also calling on the Indian government to abandon the Parliament buildings in New Delhi because of their skewed entrances.

Dr. Hagelin emphasized that these are only stopgap measures until properly designed and oriented offices and residences can be built for Mr. Bush, Mr. Blair, and all government leaders.

Vedic architecture-or Sthapatya Veda-is the world's oldest and most complete system of architectural design and city planning. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi has revived Vedic architecture in its completeness. There has been nearly $1 billion in the design and construction of "fortune-creating" Vedic homes and office buildings worldwide in the past decade.

Maharishi recently launched his Global Reconstruction Program for Permanent World Peace, and is inviting builders in every country to immediately begin building in every city, Peace Colonies of "fortune-creating" homes and office buildings, as well as Peace Palaces to teach Transcendental Meditation and other Vedic science-based health promotion programs.

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