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Temples in India: Benares


Benares is the most sacred city of India. It is the centre of Hinduism and Sanskrit learning. Many Sannyasins live here. It is also known by the name Varanashi, a place between the two rivers, Varana and Ashi, springing from the right and left feet of Lord Siva. Lord Buddha preached his new gospel here.
The temple of Lord Vishwanath is the most important one. The Mohammedans destroyed the old Vishwanath temple, and threw the image in the holy well, Gyanavapi.
The next important temple is the Annapurna temple. Lord Siva deputed Annapurna to feed the world. The most popular festival is celebrated here. A big Annakut is held here during Deepavali. The golden image is taken out in procession.
Another important temple is the temple of Sakshi Vinayak. Every pilgrim should visit this temple after visiting Vishwanath and Annapurna temples. The feet and hands of Lord Ganesh are made up of silver.
There are 365 Chattras in Benares where food is freely distributed. Asi Ghat, the Dasaswamedha ghat, the Manikarnika, Panchaganga are the famous ghats. The Manikarnika is the most sacred ghat. It is the central ghat of Benares.

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