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Hindu Prayers & Mantras

Here're select resources on prayers, mantras, hymns, aartis, vandanas, bhajans and meditations on Hindu gods and goddesses. Articles on specific prayers and on why and how to pray will be useful to you...

Hindu Invocations in 14 US City & State Legislative Bodies
By August 2, 2010, fourteen city and state legislative bodies in five US Western states would have been opened with ancient Hindu prayers during the current year, thus creating a milestone in American religious history.

The Gayatra Mantra
The Gayatri mantra is one of the oldest and most powerful of Sanskrit mantras. It is believed that by chanting the Gayatri mantra, if you carry on your life and do the work that is ordained for you, your life will be full of happiness. Here's an analysis of this popular Hindu hymn.

Six US City Councils to Open With Hindu Prayers
Five city councils in California and one in Nevada will now open their meetings with Hindu prayers containing ancient Sanskrit mantras. A report.

Why & How to Pray
Even if you pray daily, you may be confused about the underlying philosophy of prayers. Often our prayers are not answered. Here's an insight into fruitful prayers: 12 reasons why you should pray, and 7 ways of praying with success. Keep the faith!

'Aartis' or Hymns for Hindu Gods & Goddesses
Lyrics of popular Hindu hymns or 'aartis' which are musical prayers dedicated to various gods and goddesses

The Power of Mantra Chanting
That which uplifts by constant repetition is a mantra. The sound of mantra is said to lift the believer towards the higher self. However, it is important to have full faith in the mantra you chant. How to chant and what's in it for you? Find out...

Car Puja Guide
In the Hindu way, any new buy is consecrated before use. An American Hindu takes you through a typical Car Puja - blessing her new Toyota Matrix in the Lord's name to keep it safe from any bad influences - in this exciting step-by-step photo essay.

12 Reasons Why You Should Pray
Many of you, I'm sure, are confused about the underlying philosophy of prayer. Consequently, often your prayers are not answered. Here's an attempt to provide some insights into the success of prayers. There are basically 12 reasons for prayer...

How to Pray
The scriptures indicate that there are seven techniques of successful prayer. Read them to learn how to pray properly...

5 Hindu Prayers For All Occasions
Here are the lyrics of 5 prayers - the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra, and Meditations on Shiva, Ganesha, Krishna and Rama. Also included are the meanings of each of these prayers.

Ganesha Mantra
Lord Ganesha is the remover of obstacles. Chant this two line mantra for success in all your ventures...

Om Jay Jagadish Hare - Vishnu Aarti
This is a poplular hymn dedicated to Lord Vishnu, also known as the Universal Prayer, with an English version of the lyrics for easy pronunciation, and related resources, including English translation & interpretation of the hymn.

The Power of Mantra Chanting
The sound of Mantra can lift the believer towards the higher self. These sound elements of Sanskrit language are permanent entities and are of everlasting significance...

How to Chant
There are many schools of thought on the methods of chanting. A Mantra chanted correctly or incorrectly, knowingly or unknowingly, carefully or carelessly, is sure to bear the desired result for physical and mental well being...

Saraswati Vandana: Sanskrit Mantra
A popular Sanskrit hymn dedicated Saraswati - the Hindu goddess of knowledge and wisdom.

Meditation Techniques: Will, Mantra, Mudra & Symbols
There are many motivations for meditating, and it promises a world of benefits. Nick Applebee shares with us some tried and tested techniques to help you meditate and reap its fruits...

Cher Sings Gayatri Mantra
Cher Sings Gayatri Mantra - The Gayatri Mantra is one of the oldest and most powerful of Hindu hymns that has its origin in the Rig Vedas (1200-900 BC). Now it features in Cher's latest album "The Farewell Tour" (Aug 26, 2003). The concert record...

Sri Satyanarayan Katha

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