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Top 5 Yoga Calendars 2014

A selection of the best yoga-themed calendars for 2014


Millions of people worldwide have reaped the benefits of the ancient Indian physical-discipline of Yoga. Now, here’s your chance to build in the power of Yoga into your daily life. These wonderful Yoga Calendars will surely deepen your connection with this timeless path toward self-awareness, health and peace -- each day of the year.

1. Yoga 2014 Wall Calendar

Blaine Michioka

Photographed in Hawaii and California by Blaine Michioka, the Yoga 2014 Wall Calendar, demonstrates how a fusion of our physical and spiritual worlds can create flexibility, strength, confidence, and well-being. Each of the 'asanas' pictured will inspire practitioners to transcend limitations and achieve a new sense of personal balance.

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2. Yoga Dudes 2014 Calendar

Yoga Trail
Yoga is not just for girls! Each month of this inspiring calendar presents an awesome photo of a male yogi performing a different asana. These images were hand-selected by renowned yoga photographer Robert Sturman from among thousands of pictures that were contributed by the yoga community around the world.
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3. Yoga Dogs 2014 Calendar

Dan Borris
This calendar is a whimsical view of one of our most faithful companions engaged in an activity you wouldn't normally associate with canines! Yoga Dogs is designed to be uplifting and put a smile on your face, and a little more flexibility in your spirit! The size of this wall calendar is 12" x 12" which opens up to 24" x 12" in dimension. Makes a great gift!
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4. Yoga Kittens 2014 Calendar

Dan Borris
This is an amusing take on the power of yoga to bend and delight, even the most finicky of felines. The Yoga Kittens calendar hosts a year full of images showing kittens positioned in classic yoga postures with the help of digital technology. These funny kitten portraits will bend your mind and delight you. This calendar is great for inspiration, because after all, if a Tabby can hold Downward Dog pose, so can you!
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5. Yoga Puppies 2014 Mini Calendar

Dan Borris
From the makers that of Yoga Kittens calendar, comes this Yoga Puppies calendar. It can make the perfect gift for any canine lover. This calendar features twelve puppy poses of yoga asanas for yearlong enjoyment. Staying organized can be a whole lot more fun with this 2014 calendar.
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