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Meditation Techniques

Some Mudras & Symbols


Classically, Mudras used in Hinduism and Buddhism portray esoteric realities and are used to affirm ones commitment and practice, for visualizing, to establish concentration and much more. In regard to the techniques in this instruction we deal with one Mudra - Chin Mudra.

It is said that the domain of Chin Mudra is where the disciple meets the Guru, where the 'Atman' melts into the 'Paramatman', and finally where the Lord's presence can be known. You could say that it is possible to live in Chin Mudra, as we established getting centered into the focused on realities in this instruction, then this Mudra becomes the foundation or anchor for maintaining and harmonizing these states.

Meditation Symbols
Yantras are usually complex esoteric geometric symbols, portraying deities and other divine realities; they are used as meditation symbols for a variety of results. (To know more about Yantras, click here)

The meditation symbol given to me by Nityananda (Click here to see image), may not have geometric substance or symbolic meaning, but for some there have been experiences from meditating on this symbol. Some have experienced seeing energy and colors that have put them into a meditative state.

Pictures of Saints, Gurus & Holy Beings
There are so many cases of people having very powerful experiences while looking at these holy beings. A common experience is the eerie sensation that the face of the saint looked upon is but a mask and behind the mask is the divine. Another is seeing an atomic or nuclear energy around the Guru's picture, or perhaps the face in the picture may appear to be breathing or smiling. When we gaze upon these special beings, it is possible to experience a magical feeling or perhaps sensation. It is said that this sensation or feeling, is the same as our own inner feeling. Whatever it is, these experiences can bring us to a state of deeper meditation.

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