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Why & How to Meditate?

Benefits & Techniques


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There are many motivations for meditating. For some it's to lower one's blood pressure, for others to reduce stress... some want to gain knowledge, others wish to use it to give up compulsive actions... and the list goes on. What happens if we are successful in acquiring what we strive for? Do we stop there? Are we satisfied?

Hopefully, we will be wise in our understanding and choose a course that is progressive and does not impose limitations on us.

Meditation is a technique that is often referred to as medicine. So a wise question would be 'what is our real problem'? Most of the responses from the spiritual community would be - we live in delusion, we are bound by darkness, our lives are spent in a state of ignorance.

I hope we do not invest our time in secondary or superficial goals, but choose to put our sights on our true needs, which will bring us to a place of true nobility and the process of liberation. This path is endless and without boundaries. The only thing you have to do is give it everything.

So perhaps the question should be,"When will I meditate?"

Meditation teaches us many things, one is how to watch, when we refine this ability we are able to see things clearly. If our attitudes are healthy, and we are courageous, we can begin to see and understand our ego in a new light. We are able to have glimpses of our awareness (pure mind) which is the essence of our inner self. If we see our problems in a realized sense of clarity, then we can start implementing solutions to changing and becoming freer and by the same light, when we truly see our inner realities, we can merge with them and take refuge in our scared space.

If one wants to discover the truth of their own being and live in the experience of it, then this is a valid approach. There are many meditation techniques. It might be necessary for a person to try many before they find the right one. I think one should spend some time to learn one technique well; this will give one a foundation to compare other techniques.

What is being put forth in this instruction is simple and basic - that does not involve esoteric or occult knowledge and requires no belief systems.

May we pursue our spiritual discipline (sadhana) with patience and humility...

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