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Meditation is of primary importance in Hinduism. Meditation or "dhyana" is sustained concentration on God that help us delve deeper into our innerself in order to seek mental peace, strength, conviction, clarity and confidence. The following articles and resources will increase your awareness about this powerful mental discipline.

Breathe Your Way To Health & Peace
Pranayama is a unique exercise that does not take away our energy - a unique breathing technique that can also be called a kind of relaxation in which our consciousness is alert.

Meditation in the Classroom
Can 10 minutes twice a day of a widely researched meditation technique cut epidemic levels of stress that are turning schools into a breeding ground for poor academic performance, anxiety and depression, substance abuse, and violence? Yes. Find out more...

Meditation for Heart Patients
A relaxation technique known as Transcendental Meditation may decrease blood pressure and reduce insulin resistance among patients with coronary heart disease, says a reputed journal of internal medicine.

"Conscious Flight into the Empyrean" - Santosh Sachdeva
Here is an amazing book on meditation… a first hand life-changing experience retold in every detail in the form of a journal, with supporting illustrations on every page by the author herself.

The Importance of Relaxation: Physical Relaxation & Laughter
Relaxation is not some kind of discipline like yoga or meditation that needs to be done at a particular time of the day. It is of 3 kinds: physical, mental and transcendental - and none of these demand any system.

An Introduction to the techniques of Meditation and the 14 Points of Meditation.

Transcendental Meditation
The Transcendental Meditation (TM®) program of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi claims to be the "most effective technique available for gaining deep relaxation, eliminating stress, promoting health, increasing creativity and intelligence, and attaining inner happiness and fulfillment."

Free Meditation MP3 Downloads
University Of Metaphysical Sciences has 4 music files for free download: 'Deepening The Silence', 'Following The Breath & Observing The Body', 'Exploring The Auric Layers', and 'Cleansing And Clearing The Chakras.'

The Science of Consciousness
An Indian scientist has formulated some path-breaking theories based on the ancient Vedic Sciences that give us a powerful insight into the gray regions of the human consciousness. Discover what lies beyond the realm of conventional sciences.

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