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Websites dedicated to the Jain religion, its practices, philosophy, language and literature.

Essence of Jainism
Original Jain texts with translations into various modern languages from the Jain Literature and Jain Logic Site.

Introduction to Jainism
About Jainism in brief. Topics include origin, code of conduct, Jina and the soul and vegeterianism.

Official Web site of the Federation of Jain Associations in North America

Jain Agam Literature
A well-researched introduction to Jainism. Compiled by Pravin K. Shah of Jain Study Center, Raleigh

Jainism Simplified
Basic Jain concepts explained. From Jain Students Group at the University of Michigan.

Jain Society of Greater Detroit
Society Homepage with beautiful temple pictures.

Jain Study Guide Download
An illustrated book for teenagers highlighting history of Jainism, Jain temples, karma, biographies of Jain leaders, and Jain prayers. 48 page download in Word for Windows 95 format.

Website of the Young Jains of America association.

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