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Image Downloads - Hindu / Indian Art

A selection of Web sites offering photos, images and cliparts of Hindu deities, symbols, etc.

Ganesha, the Musician
A Photo Gallery of Indian paintings portraying the Hindu deity Ganesha as a musician.

Here are the many faces of Om or Aum. In these designs, I have tried to capture the beauty of this Sanskrit sound or word that has come to be recognized as the symbol of Hinduism.

Mohan's Hindu Image Gallery contains a huge collection of images of Hindu deities, for download for personal use only.

Hindu Deities
There are pictures of most Hindu gods and goddesses at Global Hindu Electronic Networks gallery.

Hindu Symbols
Clip-arts of some common Hindu symbols, like Om, tulsi, nandi, swastika, etc...

Indian Symbols & Cliparts
Sumit Bhagra's collection of high quality black and white images of Hindu symbols and icons.

Hindu Saints
Sketches of some famous Hindu saints, like Vashistha, Chaitanya, Bhrigu, et al...

Krishna Art Gallery
Artist Puskar Das's beautiful Krishna paintings for viewing and for sale.

Gallery of Siddhas
Photos of some well-known gurus and saints.

Temple Gallery
A good collection of photograph of temples classified geographically.

Graphics on India & Hinduism
Sudheer Birodhkar's free graphics page on Hindu History.

God's Gallery
There are a few good pix at Maulesh Trivedi's gallery of Hindu gods and goddesses.

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