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Play Holi... Naturally!

Why Use Natural Colors for Holi?


Playing with Gulal,Holi Festival,India
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Harmful chemical colors are the perils of Holi. Have you ever wondered how to make the festival of colors natural and healthy for our environment and ourselves? Did you know that Holi can be fun and harmless if you play with environment-friendly natural colors. These are not only cheap but can also be made easily at home.

Our World of Colors
Explore the fascinating world of natural colors. Experiment with different flowers, fruits and vegetables (like black grapes, dried fruits of amla/gooseberry), leaves (eucalyptus), plants (arandi/castor). Encourage the use of eco-friendly natural colors and motivate our friends to do so.

Learn How to Make Natural Holi Colors at Home

Save Your Skin from Chemical Colors
Most Holi colors sold in the market are oxidized metals or industrial dyes mixed with engine oil. Sample this: Green comes from copper sulphate, purple is chromium iodide, silver is aluminum bromide, black is lead oxide and shiny colors are result of powdered glass being added to the colors. All these are toxic and can result in anything from skin allergies, eye irritation, blindness and much more. When washed, they enter the rivers and the soil and increase pollution.

Chemical Colors, Compositions and Health Effects

  • Lead Oxide (Black): Renal failure, learning disability
  • Copper Sulphate (Green): Eye allergy, temporary blindness
  • Chromium Iodide (Purple): Bronchial asthma, allergies
  • Aluminium Bromide (Silver): Carcinogenic
  • Mercury Sulphite (Red): Skin cancer, minamata

Play Holi the Vedic Way
By using safe, natural colors we not only save our skins but also help save our environment and conserve our biodiversity. When these colors percolate into the soil and water they do not add toxicity to our blue planet, and cause no harm to the myriad life forms that live in the soil and water. Thereby, we also popularize the diverse plants and trees that give us these colors, and live life the Vedic way, our ancient and most precious heritage.

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