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The Five Parenting Guidelines – Hinduism Basics for Children


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Dharmachara: Good Conduct
The Five Parenting Guidelines – Hinduism Basics for Children

Dharmachara: Good Conduct

Art by A. Manivel
Five Parenting Guidelines or "Pancha Kutumba Sadhana" describe the principles that guide fathers and mothers in setting strong religious examples that nurture children and teach them to follow the path of dharma and thus pass Hinduism to the next generation.

1. Dharmachara: Good Conduct

Loving fathers and mothers, knowing they are the greatest influence in a child's life, should behave the way their dear children should when adults. They never anger or argue before young ones. Father in a dhoti, mother in a sari at home, all sing to God, Gods and guru.

Reproduced with permission from Himalayan Academy Publications. Parents and educators may visit minimela.com to purchase many of these resources at a very low cost, for distribution in your community and classes.

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