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The Five Precepts or ‘Pancha Shraddha’ - Hinduism Basics for Children


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Samsara-Moksha: Liberation
The Five Precepts or ‘Pancha Shraddha’ - Hinduism Basics for Children

Samsara-Moksha: Liberation

Art by A. Manivel
‘Pancha Shraddha’ or the five precepts constitute the five basic Hindu beliefs. By teaching these to sons and daughters, parents worldwide pass on the Sanatana Dharma to their children.

4. Samsara-Moksha: Liberation

The dear children should be taught that souls experience righteousness, wealth and pleasure in many births, while maturing spiritually. They learn to be fearless, knowing that all souls, without exception, will ultimately attain Self Realization, liberation from rebirth and union with God.

Reproduced with permission from Himalayan Academy Publications. Parents and educators may visit minimela.com to purchase many of these resources at a very low cost, for distribution in your community and classes.

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