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The Five Practices or ‘Pancha Kriya’ - Hinduism Basics for Children


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Upasana: Worship
Upasana: Worship

Upasana: Worship

Art by A. Manivel
The Five Practices or 'Pancha Kriya' outline the minimal Hindu practices, also known as Pancha Nitya Karmas that parents teach their children in order to nurture future citizens who are strong, secure, responsible, tolerant and traditional and pass the dharma to the next generation.

1. Upasana: Worship

The dear children should be taught daily worship in the family shrine room -- rituals, disciplines, chants, yogas and religious study. They should learn to be secure through devotion in home and temple, wearing traditional dress, bringing forth love of the Divine and preparing the mind for serene meditation.

Reproduced with permission from Himalayan Academy Publications. Parents and educators may visit minimela.com to purchase many of these resources at a very low cost, for distribution in your community and classes.

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