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Lahoo - Forgotten Hindu Tales


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Lahoo questions his parent's action
Lahoo - Forgotten Hindu Tales

Drawn by Billy Jay Tayao, Coloring by Dinesh Khuswaha

© 2010 Umesh Shukla
'Lahoo' tells the story of a young archer who sets out the day before Ram's return to defend the values he was brought up with, and discovers instead, the magic that true compassion brings. This illustrated story by Umesh Shukla has been released at Pushpuck.com as 'Forgotten Tales.'

About the Author: Umesh Shukla is a Los Angeles based, award-winning animation director and artist. He was a prominent member of the Academy Award®-winning team (Outstanding Visual Effects) for the movie Titanic. He has worked as senior supervisor and in other strategic roles at Walt Disney Feature Animation (Fantasia 3) and DreamWorks Feature Animation (Shark Tale), as well as other leading creative studios around the world. His comic books are rooted in the events surrounding the triumphant return of the Hindu God - Ram. Celebrating the events leading up to Diwali, these imaginative stories are designed for today's children with an aim to entertain and educate.

Reproduced with permission from Pushpuck.com. The comic books are available for download at the Apple iTunes App Store for iPod, iPad and iPhone.

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