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Hinduism 101

A simple introduction that answers a few basic questions on Hinduism and provides a brief explanation of key themes.

How Do You Define Hinduism?
It is not easy to define Hinduism, for it is much more than a religion in the Western sense. A brief introduction to the basics of Hinduism.

The Uniqueness of Hinduism
Owing to its peculiarity Hinduism can never be neatly slotted into any particular belief system. A brief introduction to the uniqueness of Hinduism.

Theories About the Origin of Hinduism
Hinduism is the world's oldest extant religion. A brief discussion on the origin of Hinduism.

The Main Tenets of Hinduism
Hinduism lacks any unified system of beliefs and ideas. A brief introduction to the main tenets, principles and disciplines of Hinduism.

The Sacred Texts of the Hindus
The world's oldest scriptures and the longest epic poems are among the sacred texts of the Hindus. A brief introduction to the basic scriptures of Hinduism.

Gods & Goddesses in Hinduism
Hinduism believes that there is only one supreme Absolute called Brahman but does not advocate the worship of any one particular deity. A brief introduction to the Hindu universe of gods and goddesses.

Who is a Hindu?
By definition, a Hindu is an individual who accepts the religious guidance of the Vedic scriptures. Thus, an Indian who rejects the Vedas is not a Hindu. While an American, European or Indian who does accept the Vedas obviously is a Hindu.

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