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Ashtalakshmi - The 8 Forms of Lakshmi


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Ashtalakshmi - The 8 Forms of Lakshmi
Dhana-Lakshmi: Dhana means wealth in the form of money or gold; at an intangible level it may even mean inner strength, will power, talent, virtues and character. So, Dhana-Lakshmi represents this aspect of the human world, and with her divine grace, we can get an abundance of wealth and prosperity. This form of Goddess Lakshmi is portrayed as six-armed, wearing a red sari, and holding in her five hands a discus, a conch, the holy pitcher, bow and arrow, and a lotus while the sixth arm is in Abhaya Mudra with gold coins rolling from her palm.

Dhana-Lakshmi Prayer Song: Lyrics of the hymn or stotram dedicated to this form of Lakshmi

Dimidhimi Dhimdhimi, Dhimdhimi Dhimdhimi Dhumdhubhinaadha Supoornamaye, Ghumaghuma Gumghuma, Gunghuma Gunghuma Shankhaninaadha Suvaadhyamathe, Vividha Puraanyithihaasa Supoojitha Vaidhika Maarga Pradharshayuthe, Jaya Jaya He, Madhusoodhana Kaamini Shri Dhanalakshmi, Paalayamaam ||

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