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Satsanga or Holy Company

Power of Pious Association


The word ‘Satsanga’ is the combination of the two words ‘Sat’ and ‘Sanga.’ ‘Sat’ means existence absolute, which is Brahman. ‘Sanga’ literally means company or union. To be always in the company of the Lord, or to be established in Brahman, is the literal meaning of the word ‘Satsanga.’

Satsanga is association with the wise. Live in the company of sages, saints, Sadhus, Yogis and Sannyasins; hear their valuable Upadesa or instructions and follow them implicitly. This is Satsanga.

God and Saint

  • God is the great purifier. A saint also is a great purifier.
  • God incarnates as saints and sages when their need is felt most.
  • God works through sages and saints.
  • God reveals Himself in a saint in His full glory, infinite power, wisdom and bliss.
  • The saints are the heart of the Lord and the Lord is the heart of the saint.
  • It is extremely difficult to come in contact with a saint and to be benefited by his company. It is through divine grace only one will get his Darshan and Satsanga.
  • Divine grace works through saints.
  • Saints are the living symbols of religion and are the true benefactors of humanity.
  • The sage or saint or Yogi is a magnet. He is a centre of power and wisdom.
  • A sage is a sustainer of the world. He is a source of perpetual inspiration. He is an instrument through which divine grace is transmitted to the unregenerated men.
  • A sage is the salt which preserves the society from decay and degeneration.
  • A saint is a beacon-light in the stormy sea of this Samsara. He prevents many ship-wrecks in the lives of many human beings.
  • A realised sage or saint is a fountain of delight, joy and illumination. Seek his company and evolve. Serve him with faith and devotion.
  • A sage is a fountain of spiritual wisdom. Approach him with all humility and reverence. He will impart to you divine wisdom.
  • Learn wisdom from saints. They are your saviours. Know them to be saints who possess godly qualities.

The Benefits of Satsanga

  • Satsanga with Mahatmas, Sadhus and the Guru plays a tremendous part in the attainment of quick spiritual progress.
  • Satsanga is the easiest and quickest means to change the minds of worldly persons towards the spiritual path and to thoroughly overhaul the vicious, wrong Samskaras.
  • Satsanga elevates the mind and fills it with Sattva or purity. It eradicates the vicious thoughts in the mind and leads to the attainment of wisdom or Brahma-jnana.
  • Without Satsanga, this mind which is filled with worldly impurities cannot be turned towards God.
  • Satsanga with sages is the surest Viveka-inspiring agent. Vairagya or dispassion cannot be attained without Satsanga.
  • Satsanga removes the darkness of ignorance and fills your mind with Vairagya or non-attachment or dispassion for worldly enjoyments. Satsanga is the sun that dispels the cloud of ignorance. It forces you to lead the life divine and have strong conviction in the existence of God.
  • The company of a saint remarkably hastens the growth of Sattvic virtues in the aspirant, and gives him strength to awaken the dormant powers, and to eradicate undesirable negative qualities and various defects.
  • Satsanga helps a great deal in the attainment of Moksha. There is no other way. It removes and destroys the threefold afflictions. It is an unfailing means to conquer Maya and this dire mind.
  • Satsanga is a formidable and impregnable fortress to protect the young aspirants from the temptations and the attacks of Maya.
  • Just as a boat is the greatest shelter to a drowning man, so also, a saint or a sage is the only shelter to the persons who are being drowned in the ocean of worldliness.
  • Satsanga is a sentinel at the door of Moksha. If you make friendship with him, he will introduce you to his other friends, viz., Vichara (enquiry), Santi (peace) and Santosha (contentment) and you will attain Self-realisation quickly and easily.
  • Satsanga is unfailing in its results.
  • Satsanga or association with the wise is the one panacea for all the ills of life.
  • There is nothing so inspiring, elevating, solacing and delightful as Satsanga.
  • Satsanga is the greatest of all purifiers and illuminators of man.
  • Satsanga with a sage even for a minute is much better than rulership of a kingdom.
  • Have the company of saints who will heal your sores, infuse new life into you, rejuvenate you, and show you the way to peace and happiness.
  • Follow the teachings of saints and sages, the perfected beings, the seers of Truth. Attune yourself with their Spirit.
  • Life, fame, happiness, power and knowledge will increase in that man who respects elders and saints, and with faith and devotion prostrates before them.

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