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The Kite Festival of Gujarat, in Pictures!



An exceedingly colorful photo gallery by Meena Kadri featuring glimpses of life around the kite festival of Gujarat during the Hindu winter festival of Uttarayan.

January 14 is by far the best date in the festive year in Gujarat. It's the day when the sun begins traveling towards the northern hemisphere (uttara = north, yana = to go) indicating the winter's retreat. It is said that the gods, who hibernate throughout winter, awake at this time. Although Hindu, the festival colorfully cuts across social divisions of religion, caste and economy. All over Gujarat people fly 'patang' (kites) on colored strings that has been coated in a paste of rice and ground glass (manja) which enables fliers to play-fight by cutting and catching each others kites.

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Dilli Diwarja PatangMulti-FirkiFlying ColoursBlue Manja
Patang-String PasteFlying ColoursThe 'Manja' SpinnerSpinning Rainbows
No Strings Attached'Firki' MinderRoof-top ActionAbove the Chaos
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