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Hindu Haikus: 4 Holy Days


A selection of four haikus – a Japanese verse form – that capture poignant thoughts of the festive season around Diwali – Karva Chauth, Dhan Teras, Deepavali major and Deepavali minor – succinctly defining these four auspicious days of autumn.

Karva Chauth

An annual fast
for my husband dearest
prayers for a good life
unbroken, parched till moon rise
each breath etched in memory.

Dhan Teras

Visions of childhood
incense, prayer, vermillion
shimmering jewels
an annual offering
for Laxmi’s benediction.

Deepavali minor

Gradual, sombre
a single diya explodes
in the dark stillness
an effulgent precursor
to the festival of lights.

Deepavali major

Galaxies of light
throng the crystal atmosphere
in brilliant shades
incense, prayer, crackers and kids
a teeming vortex of life.

Written by S. Reproduced with Permission of the Author.

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