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Death & Dying

Perspectives from the Hindu beliefs regarding death, grief, afterlife, and transmigration of the soul:

Healing Words for Tragic Times
"For death is certain to one who is born...thou shalt not grieve for what is unavoidable," says the Bhagavad Gita. A few wise words from the holy book can bring peace to the grieving heart in our saddest moments.

Hindu Death Rites & Rituals
Learn about the basic Hindu funeral rites and rituals performed after death.

How to Approach Death
At 63, Gyan Rajhans, scientist and spiritual thinker, contemplates upon the inevitable end of life – death, and comes up with words of advise about what should be the right attitude to death, and how one should approach it.

Guidelines on Hindu Death Rites
Detailed instructions on death rites, from action required soon after death to cremation and beyond...

Hindu Mourning Rites
A brief overview of the Hindu funeral ceremony.

A brief summary of a few ceremonies before and after funerals...

How I Sent My Father to Heaven
A first person account and photo essay on typical proceedings of a Hindu death ritual.

Near-death Experiences
In 1986, researchers Dr. Satwant Pasricha and Dr. Ian Stevenson documented 16 cases of near-death experiences in India. Here're some accounts.

Death and Dissolution
A lengthy discourse on death, reincarnation and immortality with relevant citations from Vedas and Upanishads.

Dying and Being Reborn
Quotations from the Upanishads

The Experience of Death
According to the Brhad-aranyaka Upanishad, the point of a dying person's heart becomes lighted up and by that light the self departs either through the eye or the head or through other apertures of the body.

Hinduism on Death
Vedic quotations with introduction on death according to Vedic people.

The Problems of Birth and Death
The Upanishads offer a number of varying and rather obscure descriptions of the path after death.

Pitri-Paksha: Annual Ancestor-Worship
The annual ancestor-worship or ‘Pitri-Paksha’ is a period that is observed every year during the dark half of the Hindu month of ‘Ashwin’ by the...

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