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Hinduism and American Literature


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Herman Melville
Hinduism and American Literature

The great American novelist Herman Melville referenced the Hindu Trinity and the Vedas in his greatest novel 'Moby-Dick.'

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The great American novelist Herman Melville, in his magnum opus Moby Dick, refers to the incarnation of Vishnu in the form of a whale, which sounded down to the utmost depths of the sea to rescue the sacred books.

And in a later chapter, Melville returns to the same theme:"When Brahma, or the God of Gods, resolved to recreate the world after one of its periodical dissolusions, he gave birth to Vishnu, to preside over the work: but the Vedas, or mystical books, whose perusal would seem to have been indispensable to Vishnu before beginni ng the creation ... were lying at the bottom of the waters."

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