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Top 4 Baby Name Books


Who needs a baby name book? You can only answer this when you have a newborn yourself. They are helpful! In today’s global society, naming babies has assumed great importance. Finding an easy to pronounce, meaningful name that is rooted in your own cultural heritage and yet unique is not easy. Perhaps these books can make your task easy...

1. Dictionary of Sanskrit Names

Dictionary of Sanskrit Names
This has an extensive list of ancient, beautiful Sanskrit names, along with their significance and spiritual meanings. It is not only helpful in naming babies, but also to understand spiritual names, and Hindu mythology.
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2. Pick a Pretty Indian Name for Your Baby

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A simplified Indian baby name book by Meenal Pandya and Rashmee Bhanot that the Indian diaspora would certainly love... for its ease of use.

3. Penguin Book of Hindu Names

This best-selling reference work by former Indian Minister Maneka Gandhi contains over 500 pages of Indian/Sanskrit names for your newborn and their multiple meanings in English.
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4. What's In Your Name? Indian Baby Names and Their Roots

Apart from giving you a list of thousands of Indian names, this book by Vimla Patil is a good resource book of the philosophy, beliefs and culture behind these names.

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