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"The Hindu Mind" by Bansi Pandit

Fundamentals of Hindu Religion and Philosophy for All Ages

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By Bob Freedman

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This wonderful handbook of Hindu history, beliefs, and practices by Bansi Pandit has everything going for it but the title! What might appear from its title to be a guide to thought processes or psychology is actually a treasure trove of practical information.
Benefit from it
While the author states his purpose of educating Hindu students and other youth - probably living in a Western culture and deprived of quality information about their heritage - any inquirer will benefit from having this reference handbook in his collection.
Not Patronizing
The grade level is probably middle school through university, but the adult seeker - or one who has been away from the tradition for some time - will certainly not find the material condescending.
What’s Inside?
The book is divided into parts such as Religion and Philosophy, Symbolism of Hindu Deities, Hindu Epics, and appendices and tables that alone would be worth the price of the book.
Amazing Facts
In addition to the usual glossary and pronunciation guides, this text includes explanations and transliterations of many of the most popular mantras, succinct but detailed suggestions for meditating, transliterated and translated Arati prayers, and enough historical highlights to fill the mind of the inquiring fact addict.

Fascinating FAQs
A student who receives questions from his classmates such as "Why do you worship idols?" will find clear, accurate answers in Question and Answer sections at the end of each subject area.

Money Saver
As a 66-year-old retired librarian and inquirer who has worshipped in a local temple and attended lectures on the Gita, had I found this book when I first became interested in Vedanta and Hinduism in general, I would have been able to save some money on many of the other books that fill my shelves.

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