1. Religion & Spirituality
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Life & Culture


In this section, we will guide you through the various facets of the Hindu way of life that permeates the arts and culture of India, including its colorful celebrations, yoga and ayurveda, music and dance, all of which stem from the rich and ancient tradition of Hinduism.
  1. Life Events
  2. Temples & Holy Places
  3. Art, Music, Movies & Dance
  4. Books & Literature

Life Events

From birth to death, the Hindu way of life is bound by a series of rites of passage - the most important being the colorful wedding ceremony.

Temples & Holy Places

The average Hindu may not visit the temple daily or go on a pilgrimage every so often. However, temples and shrines play a vital role in Hindu society and culture.

Art, Music, Movies & Dance

The rich culture of India - its art, music, dance and dramatics are all highly influenced by its deep religious heritage. Here's a sampler.

Books & Literature

Numerous volumes have been written about Hinduism. Here're some book reviews and book extracts to help you choose some of the best books on the topic.

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