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In this section, you will find a collection of hand-picked resources to guide you through the basics of Hinduism, its beliefs and practices, and other distinctive features.
  1. Hinduism 101
  2. The Hindu Deities
  3. The Gurus & Saints
  4. The Sacred Texts
  5. Tenets & Concepts

Hinduism 101

Before you explore the various characteristics of this religion, get the answers to some of your basic questions.

The Hindu Deities

Hinduism is known for a multitude of gods and goddesses. Here's an introduction to the prominent figures of the Hindu pantheon.

The Gurus & Saints

The word 'guru' is of Hindu origin. Here're the profiles of some well-known Hindu sages and saints of the past and contemporary gurus.

The Sacred Texts

The beliefs that form the foundation of Hinduism are based on some of the oldest texts known to humankind. Read about the major Hindu scriptures.

Tenets & Concepts

Here we discuss some of the basic tenets and concepts of Hinduism.

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