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Hindu Deities & Rituals for Seven Days of the Week


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Wednesday (Budhvar)
Hindu Deities & Rituals for Seven Days of the Week

Budh (Mercury): The planetary deity presiding over Budhvar (Wednesday)



Wednesday is dedicated to Lord Krishna, and is also associated with Lord Vithal, an incarnation of Krishna. In some places Lord Vishnu is also worshipped. Devotees listen to Krishna Bhajans on this day.


Hindu devotees who fast on Wednesdays take a single meal in the afternoon. The ritual fast, i.e., 'vrat' or 'upvaas,' is observed by couples - the husband and the wife together. 'Budhvar Upvaas' or Wednesday Fastis believed to be auspicious for leading a peaceful family life. People start new business or enterprise on Wednesdays as the planet Mercury or Budh is believed to augment new projects. This day is also lucky for students and they pray for success in education.

Color & Gem:

The color green is the preferred color and Onyx and Emerald the preferred gems.

Celestial Body:

It is the day of the planet Budh (Mercury), who is often considered compassionate and generous.
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