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Hindu Human Rights Report


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Hinduism in Bhutan
Hindu Human Rights Report

Map of Bhutan

Map courtesy of the CIA World Factbook, 2007

Bhutan is a multi-religious, multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, and multi-lingual society. The country received 99 recommendations from the Human Rights Council when it presented its report on the human rights situation in the country. The government accepted a majority of the recommendations. Bhutan evicted over 100,000 Hindu minority and Nyingmapa Buddhists from southern and eastern Bhutan in the early 1990s.

HAF recommends that donors, UN agencies, and Bhutan's other partners should insist on measures to eliminate discrimination against the Hindu Lhotshampas and ensure the protection of their fundamental human rights and their rights to participate as full citizens of Bhutan.

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Download the HAF Hindu Human Rights Report (March 2012)
Full Report (PDF) | Executive Summary (PDF)

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