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A selection of links to quality Hindu/Indian devotional music resources, streaming audio & MP3 downloads: Bhajan, aarti, kirtan, hymns, mantras and more...
  1. Ganesha MP3 Downloads (10)
  2. Gayatri Mantra - MP3 Downloads (7)
  3. Hanuman MP3 Downloads (10)
  4. Hindu Audio Resources (11)
  5. Krishna MP3 Bhajans (10)
  6. Rama Bhajans (10)
  7. Shiva MP3 Downloads (10)

Hanuman Real Audio
A collection of Real audio songs and hymns of Lord Hanuman - Aartis, Bhajans and Chalisas - sung by renowned Hindi musicians.

Top 10 'Aartis' or Hymns - Lyrics & Audio
Read the lyrics and listen to the streaming audio or MP3 downloads of the most popular Hindu hymns or 'aartis' - musical prayers dedicated to various gods & goddesses - Vishnu, Shiva, Durga, Kali, Lakshmi, Ganga, Krishna, Rama, Hanuman & Santoshi Ma.

Ganesha Hymn (Aarti) - Lyrics & Audio
Read the lyrics and listen to the streaming audio of the popular Ganesha hymn or 'aarti' - 'Jai Gnesh, Jai Ganesh Deva'.

Top 5 Music CDs for Relaxation
What a great way to soothe your nerves at the end of a hard day’s work, meditate or even sleep! Here’s a selection of albums that blend ancient chants and modern orchestration to get the best of both worlds.

Hanuman Chalisa Streaming Audio
Here are a dozen streaming (Real Audio) links to the most popular songs and hymns - 'aartis' & 'chalisas' - sung by renowned singers in praise of Hanuman, the simian deity.

Jagjit Singh's Bhajans
Listen to some extraordinary Hindu devotional songs sung by ghazal maestro Jagjit Singh in his inimitable style.

Bhajan MP3 Downloads
Don't miss this collection of various soul-stirring bhajans and devotional songs - all at one place. Start downloading these hi quality MP3 songs sung by renowned Hindi singers.

Download Shiva MP3 Bhajans
Here are some of the best Bhajans or devotional songs dedicated to Lord Shiva - by courtesy of Mahadev.org - devotional songs by Hariharan, Anuradha Paudwal and other artistes.

Bhajan: Hindu Devotional Music
Bhajans are simple songs in soulful language, with origins in the ancient hymns of Vedas, expressing the many emotions of love for God - a complete submission to him through singing. Its devotional appeal has made is a favorite with the masses.

Kirtan: How Chants Can Heal the Heart
Meditation doesn't come easy. That's where 'kirtan' - an ancient participatory music experience - offers an avenue to escape effortlessly to a place of mental quiet and stillness, where you can feel your soul!

Jagjit Singh Bhajans & Devotional Songs
Top 5 Hindu Devotional Music CDs by Jagjit Singh

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