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Vedic Astro Forecast 2010

Taurus (Apr 20 - May 20)


Here's the 2010 Vedic astro forecast for Taurus. See Vedic astro forecasts for other signs.

MARCH 2010

Health will remain fine for the Taureans and will be further better after March 3. Spouse may not have perfect health, but will start to improve gradually after March 11. Love life may seem to be encouraging after March 15. Children will have good health but may decline a bit after March 16. Parents will have good health consistently. Job situation will remain quite satisfactory and will be flourishing slowly but steadily. Business may not fetch satisfactory dividend for the time being but don’t worry it will look up soon. Income may get hindered temporarily; on the other hand expenditure may increase slowly.


Taurus horoscope practically charts the same path this month with not much variation. Health will remain fine, though spouse may have health related worries. Love life may not be satisfactory. Children will remain considerably in good health and have good academic prospect. Parents will be in better shape than in the earlier months. Job situation will remain as usual. Business may trail for the time being, and income may take little more time to flow in.


This is a very auspicious year for the Taureans. However, it may not be too encouraging for love affair. Yearly horoscope for Taurus forecasts that health will remain fine during this year; some declination may be experienced during the month of August. Spouse may not have good health until May 26, 2010. Love life will improve starting June 2010. Children will enjoy considerably good health; but a little care might be needed starting March 15 until March 29. Parents too, will enjoy good health during this year. Health of father will progress steadily with the passing of time. Mother too, will have good health during this year, except in the month of April 2010. Job or employment situation will remain steady and auspicious. Business venture may fetch dividends, which may cross the level of expectation. In terms of finance or economy, the year will prove to be too expensive, but rest assured that there will be no wastage of money. Income will rise starting May 3, 2010 and the flow will remain same until October 31, 2010.

About the Author:
Asish Kumar Das is a Vedic Astrologer based in Oslo, Norway, and is the author of the book, "Luster of Eternity".

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