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The Vedas: An Introduction (Origin, Author, Structure) - Hinduism
The Vedas are the most comprehensive and universal of all ancient scriptures. They have guided our religious direction for ages and will continue to do so for ...
Hindu Scriptures & Epics - Hinduism - About.com
The world's first scriptures, the oldest religious texts, the longest epic poems were all born in India. Here's your one-stop resource center on the Vedas, ...
Brahman of the Vedas: A Unique Concept of the Absolute - Hinduism
Brahmin boy reading Vedas, elevated view - WIN-Initiative/Neleman/Riser/. WIN- Initiative/Neleman/Riser/Getty Images. Let us look at what Hinduism holds to be ...
The Vedas - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
The Vedas are ancient religious writing of the Indian subcontinent.
What Are the Vedas? - Asian History - About.com
Glossary definition of the term Vedas from your About.com Guide to Asian History .
Vedas - Agnosticism / Atheism - About.com
Definition: The Vedas are the oldest scriptures of Hinduism, composed in Sanskrit and gathered into four collections: the Rig-Veda, the Sama-Veda, the ...
Who wrote the Vedas? - Hinduism - About.com
Jul 29, 2005 ... The revered compositions of the Vedas were handed down through generations by the word of mouth from time immemorial. The general ...
The Vedic Center of Trivandrum - Hinduism - About.com
Admission to the Pathshala is based on a basic aptitude test conducted by the scholars of the Kendra as elementary knowledge of Vedas is imperative. Currently ...
Indus Valley - Epics - Veda - Mahabharata - Bhagavad Gita ...
Veda means knowledge, and the Vedas are said to come from Lord Krishna. The Vedas contain knowledge about mundane necessities as well as spirituality.
The Sacred Texts of the Hindus - Hinduism - About.com
Sruti literatures are of two parts: the Vedas and the Upanishads. Ads. &ensp. &ensp. &ensp. There are four Vedas: The Rig Veda -"Royal Knowledge"; The Sama ...
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