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The Sacred Texts of the Hindus - Hinduism - About.com
The world's oldest scriptures and the longest epic poems are among the sacred texts of the Hindus. A brief introduction to the basic scriptures of Hinduism.
The Vedas: An Introduction (Origin, Author, Structure) - Hinduism
The Vedas are considered the earliest literary record of Indo-Aryan civilization, and the most sacred books of India. They are the original scriptures of. Hindu ...
An Introduction to Hinduism for Beginners - About.com
The Two types of sacred writings comprise the Hindu scriptures: "Shruti" (heard) and "Smriti" (memorized). They were passed on from generation to generation ...
Hindu Scriptures & Epics - Hinduism - About.com
3 Subcategories in Hindu Scriptures & Epics ... Read the English text of the principal Upanishads from 'The Sacred Books of the East' translated by various ...
Sacred Symbols of Hinduism - Image Gallery of Hindu Icons
Endearing images embodying intuitions of the spirit that adorn Hindu art, architecture and iconography. Written by Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami, and ...
Dolphin - Ganges River - Dolphins - Sacred - Hindu - Platanista ...
Learn about the type of dolphin that Hindus consider sacred: the Ganges River ... Practices - Holy Texts - Sacred Places · Why Cows Are So Sacred to Hindus ...
Book Review - Hinduism: Origins - Beliefs - Practices - Holy Texts ...
Hinduism: Origins - Beliefs - Practices - Holy Texts - Sacred Places ... There are quite a few books dealing with Hinduism and Hindu beliefs, but many tend to be ...
Laws of Manu or 'Manava Dharma Shastra' - Hinduism - About.com
500 BC) is a key Hindu text. ... were the 'Grihya-sutras', dealing with domestic ceremonies, and the 'Dharma-sutras', treating of the sacred customs and laws.
Puranas - Friendly Hindu Treatises From Ancient India - Hinduism
Learn about the Puranas, ancient Hindu texts eulogizing various deities of the ... Chandi is read widely by the Hindus on sacred days and Navaratri (Durga Puja)  ...
Hindu Rites & Rituals: The Ceremonies of Hinduism
Thus, sacrifices may include the performance of offerings in a regulated manner, with the preparation of sacred space, recitation of texts, and manipulation of ...
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