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Hindu Scriptures & Epics - Hinduism - About.com
The world's first scriptures, the oldest religious texts, the longest epic poems were all born in India. Here's your one-stop resource center on the Vedas, ...
The Sacred Texts of the Hindus - Hinduism - About.com
The world's oldest scriptures and the longest epic poems are among the sacred texts of the Hindus. A brief introduction to the basic scriptures of Hinduism.
Laws of Manu or 'Manava Dharma Shastra' - Hinduism - About.com
500 BC) is a key Hindu text. It presents the norms of ... Hindu Scriptures & Epics ... Ancient Hindu Code of Conduct for Domestic, Social, and Religious Life.
The Itihasas or Histories: Ancient Hindu Scriptures - Hinduism
It is a treasure house of Indian lore and holds within it a code of life for ethical, social and spiritual relations. Throughout this great epic every sort of human ...
The Great Hindu Epics: Ramayana & Mahabharata - Hinduism
Who's Who of the Mahabharata: A Quick Guide - 3 · The Mahabharata is the world's longest epic and one of Hinduism's most popular and important scriptures .
Romantic Tales from Hindu Literature - Hinduism - About.com
Hindu Scriptures & Epics ... Then there are the charming stories of Hindu gods and goddesses in love and the well-known works like Kalidasa's Meghadutam ...
Puranas - Friendly Hindu Treatises From Ancient India - Hinduism
Learn about the Puranas, ancient Hindu texts eulogizing various deities of the ... of the traits of the great epics, they belong to a later period and provide a "more ...
The Ramayana Epic of India - Hinduism - About.com
Ramayana is undoubtedly the most popular and timeless Indian epic read and ... These verses are grouped into individual chapters or cantos called 'sargas', ...
What Are the Upanishads? - Indian Philosophy
They are summits of thought on man and the universe, designed to push ... Hindu Scriptures & Epics ... The Upanishads form the core of Indian philosophy.
The Vedas: An Introduction (Origin, Author, Structure) - Hinduism
Hindu Scriptures & Epics ... They are the original scriptures of. Hindu teachings ... The Brahmanas are ritualistic texts and include precepts and religious duties.
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