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Hindu Rites & Rituals: The Ceremonies of Hinduism - About Hinduism
The ritual world of Hinduism, manifestations of which differ greatly among regions , villages, and individuals, offers a number of common features that link all ...
Hindu Samskaras - the Rites of Passage in Hinduism
Seemantonnayana ritual is observed in the penultimate month of pregnancy for safe and assured delivery of the baby. This is a prayer to the Hindu God Dhata.
Hindu Deities & Rituals for Thursday (Guruvar) - About Hinduism
Each of the seven days in a week has a special significance in Hinduism. ... Ritual: Devotees adorn yellow colored clothes and offer yellow flowers to propitiate ...
Hindu (Vedic) Wedding Ceremony Rituals - About Hinduism
While various regional steps are followed by different sects of Hindus across India, ... Madhuparka Ceremony - Reception of the bridegroom at the altar and ...
Symbolism in Hindu Rituals and Worship - About Hinduism
Puja is essentially a ritual suggestive of symbolic offering of our lives and activities to God. Learn more about the symbolism of natural objects of worship in  ...
Hindu Deities & Rituals for Wednesday (Budhvar) - About Hinduism
Hindu devotees who fast on Wednesdays take a single meal in the afternoon. The ritual fast, i.e., 'vrat' or 'upvaas,' is observed by couples - the husband and the  ...
Hindu Deities & Rituals for Monday (Somvar) - About Hinduism
Hindu Deities & Rituals for Seven Days of the Week ... Folklore: This tradition goes back to Hindu mythology, though the myths vary greatly from region to region.
Religion in India: Hindu Rituals - Atheism and Agnosticism from ...
Most of these rituals do not occur in the presence of such priests and there may be ... For young Hindu women in South India, a different ritual and celebration ...
Hindu Deities & Rituals for Seven Days of the Week - About Hinduism
Ancient sages used observances like ritual fasts to spread the awareness of different gods. Fasting and other rituals pave the path of the divine for the devotees ...
Bhai Dooj: Hindu Brother-Sister Ritual - About Hinduism
Soon after Diwali, sisters all over India ceremonialize their love by putting an auspicious vermilion spot on the forehead of their brothers as a mark of love and  ...
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