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Hindu Rites & Rituals: The Ceremonies of Hinduism
The ritual world of Hinduism, manifestations of which differ greatly among regions , villages, and individuals, offers a number of common features that link all ...
Ravivar – Hindu Deities & Ritual Fasts for Sunday - Hinduism
Each of the seven days in a week has a special significance in Hinduism. About the seven days, the respective planet & deities associated with the particular ...
Hindu Samskaras - the Rites of Passage in Hinduism
Seemantonnayana ritual is observed in the penultimate month of pregnancy for safe and assured delivery of the baby. This is a prayer to the Hindu God Dhata.
Hindu Deities & Rituals for Thursday (Guruvar) - Hinduism - About.com
Hindu Deities & Rituals for Seven Days of the Week ... but later when he realizes his mistake, he observes a ritual fast on Thursdays and appeases the gods.
Hindu (Vedic) Wedding Ceremony Rituals - Hinduism - About.com
While various regional steps are followed by different sects of Hindus across India, ... Madhuparka Ceremony - Reception of the bridegroom at the altar and ...
Hindu Deities & Rituals for Wednesday (Budhvar) - Hinduism
Hindu devotees who fast on Wednesdays take a single meal in the afternoon. The ritual fast, i.e., 'vrat' or 'upvaas,' is observed by couples - the husband and the  ...
Bhai Dooj: Hindu Brother-Sister Ritual - Hinduism - About.com
Soon after Diwali, sisters all over India ceremonialize their love by putting an auspicious vermilion spot on the forehead of their brothers as a mark of love and  ...
Symbolism in Hindu Rituals and Worship - Hinduism - About.com
Every object associated with the Hindu ritual of Puja or worship – the flower, the fruit, the lamp - is symbolically significant. Puja is essentially a ritual suggestive ...
The Basics of Hinduism : Beliefs, Practices, Rituals, Sects, Symbols ...
The essence of Hinduism can be distilled into five principles and ten ... The 10 Yamas & Niyamas of Hinduism ... The Most Important Hindu Rites and Rituals.
Religion in India: Hindu Rituals - Atheism and Agnosticism from ...
Most of these rituals do not occur in the presence of such priests and there may be ... For young Hindu women in South India, a different ritual and celebration ...
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