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Hinduism Basics: Beliefs & Practices - About.com
Here's an introduction to the prominent figures of the Hindu pantheon. ... The beliefs that form the foundation of Hinduism are based on some of the oldest texts  ...
About Hinduism: Hindu Beliefs, Practices, and Culture
Learn more about Hinduism's history, beliefs, lifestyle, and holidays and interesting facts about this unique and universal “religion.”
An Introduction to Hinduism for Beginners - About.com
It has its own beliefs, traditions, advanced system of ethics, meaningful rituals, ... The Two types of sacred writings comprise the Hindu scriptures: "Shruti" (heard) ...
Hindu Rites & Rituals: Life-Cycle Rituals - Hinduism - About.com
Especially orthodox Hindu families may invite Brahman priests to their homes to officiate at these rituals, complete ... Beliefs & Practices · Marriage / Matrimonials.
Top 10 Books on Hinduism Basics - About.com
This wonderful handbook of Hindu history, beliefs, and practices has everything going for it but the title! What might appear from its title to be a guide to thought ...
Time in Hinduism - The Hindu Concept of Time - About.com
Most of us are accustomed to living life according to linear beliefs and patterns of existence. We believe everything has a beginning, middle and an end.
The Main Tenets of Hinduism - Basics - About.com
Hinduism lacks any unified system of beliefs and ideas. A brief introduction to the ... Happy Birthday to Hindu Goddess Saraswati! Hinduism 101: The Basics for ...
The Basics of Hinduism : Beliefs, Practices, Rituals, Sects, Symbols ...
Reliable resources to guide you through the basics of this unique faith, its beliefs and practices...and more. Hinduism Categories. The Basics · Hindu Gods & ...
Americans Turning to Hindu Beliefs: Newsweek
Aug 18, 2009 ... The article also quotes the Rig Veda, the ancient Hindu scripture, which says: " Truth is One, but the sages speak of it by many names," a ...
Why the Hindu Marriage Is Sacrosanct - Hinduism - About.com
In Hinduism, man and woman represent the two halves of the divine body. There is no question of superiority or inferiority between them. However, it is a ...
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