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Guide Picks - Top Yoga Videos

Trying to learn yoga from a videotape is a different experience. Here's a selection of the best tapes for some inspiring yoga workout. If you want to reduce tension, tone your muscles, shed weight, light up your inner spirit, or seek peace from within, these videos can come in handy. Whether you are a busybee or a fitness freak, a housewife or a pregnant woman, a beginner or a confirmed yogi, these tapes are tempting!

1) "Yoga Zone" - Alan Finger
This beginner's boxed set is a fresh approach to yoga, designed especially for neophytes by yoga master Alan Finger. With detailed and careful explanation of the asanas, "Yoga Zone" has two different instructors demonstrate both advanced and beginning styles for each pose. This video will guide learners to go at their own pace through the basic asanas, breathing techniques and meditation.
2) "Living Yoga - A.M./P.M."

Loosen your muscles, relax your mind, gain some energy and feel healthier. This set is especially for busy and overworked people who want to reap the full benefits of yoga as a means to relax and keep fit. Rodney Yee's morning (AM) practice is good for beginners, while Paticia Walden's evening (PM) poses are more advanced. An excellent video shot in a desert and a beach, it also includes guided meditation.

3) "Basic Yoga Workout for Dummies"
Essentially for people who want to start practicing yoga from scratch, this basic program of 45 minutes teaches 12 basic asanas - the "daily dozen" - while offering challenges and modifications to each. Sara Ivanhoe systematically demystifies yoga, and presents the fundamentals with emphasizes on proper body alignment, the link between breathing and body movement, and flexibility.

4) "Total Yoga: The Flow Series"
This three-volume set, called Earth, Water, and Fire, each target a different level of expertise: The first two, (45 min. each) present the basic Hatha Yoga style workout, standing postures and floor poses. The third, the most rigorous "Fire" (60 min.), combines both classical and contemporary postures. Tracey Rich and Ganga White keep the asanas simple, yet out of the reach of absolute beginners.
5) "Yoga: Mind & Body" - Ali MacGraw
This beautifully done video, shot in serene surroundings with a relaxing soundtrack, is best suited for learners with some previous experience. Ali McGraw and Eric Schiffman lead you through 50 minutes of rewarding experience with "ujjayi" breathing, shoulder stretches, sun salutations, back bends and twists, and various standing poses.

6) "Crunch Yoga Mama: Prenatal Yoga"
Yoga can help pregnancy! This 40-minute video on pre-natal workout by a pregnant instructor (and her class of women in various stages of their pregnancies) is chic and concise, with great emphasis on safety, spine alignment, flexibility, and individual fitness levels. Some asanas have been modified to suit the pregnant midriff.

7) "Yoga Practice for Strength" - Yoga Journal
This is a good tape for intermediates from experienced instructor Rodney Yee. If you're well within your comfort zone, and had already acquired some flexibility, this can give you more satisfaction from your yoga workout. Yee provides some specific cues to make your body and mind relax before the practice, while focusing on perfection in this video of intensive workouts teeming with challenges.

8) "Kundalini Yoga: With Grace and Strength"
This 70-minute video by Carol Carlson's is aimed mainly at intermediates and experienced practitioners. It features highly powerful exercises and deep breathing techniques, including the "breath of fire". It has a spiritual bent, while being quite strenuous and physically challenging. This is a serious Kundalini Yoga video with little room for beginners.

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