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How To Set Up Your Puja Room


Every Hindu household has a sacrosanct place where the family deity and gods are housed. The worshipper sets the puja ingredients meticulously to his/her satisfaction. It is also good to have a personal nook for praying or meditating.
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Here's How:

  1. Assign a room or a fixed place (preferably a secluded corner) for worship in your house.
  2. Procure the idol of the deity and place it on a raised platform, say a low stool covered with a clean piece of cloth or else, place it in a wooden/brass shrine.
  3. Get an incense container to keep the incense sticks in; a stand to set the sticks on and a matchbox to light them.
  4. Get these utensils - a small plate on which to serve sweets before the deity; a glass for serving water; a medium sized plate for keeping the flowers on before offering; small pots and urns if needed.
  5. Place small earthen or brass lamps (diyas) with oil and cotton wicks in front of the deity.
  6. Keep a miniature fan (chamór) for puja.
  7. You should also keep a Sanskrit wall hanging, some prayer books, and the Gita in your Puja room.


  1. Keep the place sparkling clean. Make sure there is least possible distraction while you are praying.
  2. To make lamp-wicks, take a wad of cotton, press and roll it between your palms into an elongated mass.
  3. There are no firm rules regarding the setup of the puja room. Complete devotion is what is needed.

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