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Top 13 New Year Resolutions for 2013

Things You Can Do... If You Will!


Top 13 New Year Resolutions for 2013
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Beginning of the year is a good time to hitch on to some good habits and best practices. Get wise, keep fit and have the faith! Remember, you have nothing to lose. Here are 12 resolutions you can take up this year...

1. Be a Better Person in Body, Mind & Intellect: Here are 8 things you can do to inculcate and assimilate the essential values into your personality.

2. Attain Peace of Mind, and Enhance Your Mental Stability & Equanimity: Discover the 10 commandments of attaining peace of mind, and learn how to approach opposed feelings with a sense of equanimity.

3. Kill Pride, Ego and Arrogance & Jealousy: Find out how to keep your ego, arrogance and pride at bay. And don't ever let jealousy trouble you.

4. Start Reading the Scriptures: The Vedas, the Upanishads, the Bhagavad-Gita and the epics have all the knowledge you need to make your earthly existence much more meaningful and wise. And don't forget to learn a verse from the Gita.


5. Begin a Breathing Exercise: This is a stepping step to staying healthy, fit and energetic. Spare a few moments and find out more about 'Pranayama'.

6. Reap the Benefits of Yoga: Check out the basics of this time-tested physical discipline before you get stated.

7. Meditate Regularly: Mastering your mind through meditation may work wonders for your health and happiness. Check out the techniques of meditation.

8. Become a Vegetarian: If you're not yet a vegetarian, find out the benefits of being one.

9. Discover the Powers of Ayurveda: The ancient Indian medical system of Ayurveda is a boon to mankind. Know all about Ayurveda and read the Ayurveda Encyclopedia.

The holy basil or tulsi is a herbal remedy for a lot of common ailments. Check out the 15 health benefits of the tulsi and do watch our top 4 videos on the healing powers of this holy power plant. Also learn about the miraculous powers of gemstones and rudraksha.


10. Pray Everyday of the Year: Prayers can make you strong! Find out why and how to pray, and discover the power of chanting various mantras, including the Gayatri Mantra.

11. Practice Dual Religion: Whether you're a Hindu or not, whether you belong to the East or West, experiencing the best of both worlds can be most meaningful.

12. Set up a Puja Room for Yourself: A place for puja and prayers can change the way you relate to the divine. So can listening to devotional music. Check out this top 5 list of Music for Relaxation..

13. Go on a Pilgrimage, or Visit a nearby Temple regularly: Visiting holy places and temples can be a welcome change from your humdrum routine. Read how to plan for a pilgrimage. Or find a temple near you (Remember, wherever you are, you're not far from the Absolute!). The 'Spiritual India Handbook' can be helpful!

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