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Sshhh... it's Nyepi! Even as the Southeast Asian island of Bali celebrates 'Nyepi' - the first day of the new year - on March 31, life will stand still and quietude will descend on this one of its kind "Day of Silence".

Bali has over 90% Hindus! The Balinese Hindus believe that before ushering in the New Year, one should meditate for self introspection, which can be achieved by observing a fast, and maintaining silence with very little movement inside the house and none at all outside-virtually closing the gates, switching off light and fire for the day.

The local security patrols the roads and allows only emergency vehicles to pass. The airport is closed and tourists visiting Bali, too, observe this silence.

Read more about Nyepi and New Year celebrations in Bali.

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March 22, 2012 at 3:56 pm
(1) Jitendra Dave (@DaveJitendra) says:

Wow! Nice to know. Aabhaar Shubhamoy.

April 2, 2012 at 5:50 am
(2) Rahul says:

I just want to know when hinduism started and how it was originated? Why we believe in Ramayana as it was written by a human who did’nt see anything, he just imagined. Even why we believe Ramayana and Mahabharata as religious books as those are all wars fairy tales for kingdoms. There is nothing religious about them. Who wrote Vedas? Why cow is considered so holy for us as it was not mentioned anywhere in Vedas. Why we always worship the image (idol) of gods/ godess as it is not permitted in vedas. I am asking this b’coz my muslim friends always ask me these questions and i am not able to answer them. Please help me in this regard.

March 12, 2013 at 3:34 am
(3) Sanjay Bhagat says:

Thanks, nice information, very pleased to know that there are more than 90% Hindus in Bali, and the meditaion on new years’s day is fantastic, would like to visit there..

March 12, 2013 at 8:35 am
(4) Vishnu says:

Hello Rahul

Thank you for asking these questions. I am not an expert of Hinduism, but have learnt some from my parents/grandparents and reading in general.

I would suggest that you please ask your parents, and your Hindu priest to provide some answers. You can also Google your questions and you will definitely get some answers.

Hinduism could really appear quite complex, with so many sacred books, deities, & religious festivals. You have to appreciate that all religious text were written by God-Inspired men, and not just in Hinduism.

Please do your research and do not be intimidated by people from other religious beliefs. Our religion is the World’s oldest, which have withstood the challenges over the centuries from various invaders. Even at the present time, so many intelligent westerners are embracing Hinduism, Yoga, Ayurvedic healing, etc.

Rahul is a popular male name in India, and has a variety of meanings. The earliest meaning found in the Upanishads is “conqueror of all miseries”. Rahul also means “traveler” in Arabic. Buddha’s son was also called Rahul, meaning “relation”.

Do your research and learn about your proud culture!



March 13, 2013 at 10:44 am
(5) Varma says:

Hi Rahul,
No body knows how & when the earth originated, same with the Santana darma, they are the two great mysterious. Ramayana written by the great sage Valmiki, his presence is their in Ramayana. In Ramayana Valmiki mention each and every place, the NASA recognized the places which were mentioned in the Ramayana and Mahabharata. In B.C days, flight or vehicles are not their, how Valmiki seen or view each & every place, from north India to Sri Lanka by crossing sea. In the Ramayana the Pushpak Veman used by the Ravana, in the old days they used more good & Eco-friendly technologies then us. In Santana darma, their is no idol symbol for gods, but we pray to some idol symbols, nothing wrong in it, the god can be in any symbol or anything. The Santana darma is natures religion, it teaches the way of life to live.

Few my friends questioned me, in Ramayan what Sri Ram has done for the people, nothing mentioned in it, he fight with Ravana just for his wife only. The Sri Ram sent Sita to forest, he is not good husband. Any ruler or king should think for people, they should not think for their personal beings, they should have clean image, no body should show any type finger to them. Present politicians think for themselves & their families, they take money & property from people, they are good rulers and after their death we keep their status in our streets. The Sri Ram done for people, which is bad, this is our society how we are thinking.

If any body wants to know about Vedas, who wrote them. Please see our religious books each and every thing is their, don,t say blindly any think. The Vedic days science is most advanced than what we are using now.

March 16, 2013 at 11:56 am
(6) Ganeah Chaturvedi says:

The answre bt Shri Verma may have satisfird Rahu As theQuestion about Hinduism is very dofficult to explain on Yahoo If he still needs any further information he may contact me on my mob in Delhi day time between 12 to 16 hrs
The nubr is 9868465737.

April 7, 2014 at 1:56 am
(7) Abhishek says:

Enhance your Vedic knowledge – https://twitter.com/SchoolVedic

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