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sknappbook.jpgAuthor Stephen Knapp in his book Proof of Vedic Culture's Global Existence points out the close links between Christianity and Hinduism, which bind them into a sacred brotherhood. He says that Hinduism has had a predominant influence on Christianity, and that many of the Christian rites could have been directly borrowed from Hinduism.

Great Indian sages, such as Sri Aurobindo have often remarked that the stories recounting how Jesus came to India to be initiated are probably true.

There are many other similarities between Hinduism and Christianity, including the use of incense, sacred bread (prasadam), the different altars around churches (which recall the manifold deities in their niches inside Hindu temples), reciting prayers on the rosary (Vedic japamala), the Christian Trinity (the ancient Vedic trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva as the creator, maintainer and destroyer respectively, as well as Lord Krishna as the Supreme Lord, the all-pervading Brahman as the holy ghost, and Paramatma as the expansion or son of the Lord), Christian processions, and the use of the sign of the cross (anganyasa), and so many others... Read Full Article

December 24, 2013 at 9:20 am
(1) taj says:

No matter what I’m or who u r! We all fall in love which is true if u r a true human & have abilities in your senses to understand what Maya is! Mostly for Hindus as I’m a Hindu, I believe we travel different paths gold.. for the reach of gold

December 24, 2013 at 6:49 pm
(2) agumbebhat says:

there is no similarity between Hinduism and christian since Hindu itself is not ours and it is called as sanathana dharma which worships nature and it has the quality of freedom of worship,thought and action of any type of god and goddess where as the religion is most communal, worshiping only one god ,one establisher,, profounder, one book and one frame work. the religion is doing illegal activity of converting the people of this only world where the ours is the believer transformation . agumbebhat

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