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Love Marriage Vs Arranged Marriage


Hindu wedding

Hindus regard the institution of marriage as a sacrosanct sacrament and not just a contract between two people of opposite sex.

Most people tend to equate Hindu marriage with arranged marriage. Wise and concerned parents in order to meet the domestic obligation of a proper marraige, prepare themselves mentally and, more importantly, financially when their child reaches marriageable age. They search for a suitable partner keeping in mind the societal rules regarding cast, creed, natal chart, and financial and social status of the family.

What if the girl or the boy refuses to marry the person chosen by their parents? What if they choose a partner of their own liking and opt for a love marriage? Will the Hindu society rule out such a marriage?

And what about second marriage and polygamy? Is it okay by the the Hindu Marriage Act for Hindus to convert to Islam to remarry without a divorce?

Find out in this discussion, and don't forget to leave your comments below.

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