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Subhamoy Das

Tantra Yoga & Sadashiva

By November 28, 2012

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Sadashiva is traditionally considered the founder of Tantra and Yoga systems and the first one to introduce music, dance, medical and marriage systems to human civilization.

He was a remarkable human being in whom the Supreme Being was fully manifest; as such, he was the bridge between the phenomenal and spiritual worlds, and thus fully capable of systematizing, developing and inventing tools for spiritual growth.

Sadashiva was so revered for his spiritual and social service accomplishments that he was elevated to a status of Divinity in India: Sadashiva, the destroyer of spiritual ignorance and the Lord of Yogins.

Over the past millennia, the original teachings of Sadashiva were preserved in the classical Advaita Shaiva Tantra Yoga tradition. If we define science as the rigorous inquiry into the nature of reality, Tantra would be the science of spiritual journey. Read Full Article

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