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The unpredictability of future has always driven mankind willy-nilly to the soothsayers. But can the future be truly foretold? The question is highly debatable. Let's see what eminent Indian astrologers have to say.

Famous Jyotishi Jagjit Uppal says: "Astrology presupposes destiny. It is believed that at the time of birth of an individual, his/her, life pattern is determined."

Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma, another well-known Vedic astrologer, believes in "the Indian tenets, which say that the actions of our past lives determine the present and on the whole the events in our life are predetermined by the combination of stellar positions at the time of our conception, birth and then at the time of the happening."

According to India's most celebrated astrologer Bejan Daruwalla, "Astrology is a mirror to life. It is certainly not 100% correct... But the chances of predictions coming right are good. Also, character analysis of Astrology often helps. Astrology is not a crutch. It is to be used to heal one's self."

"Astrology is not magic! It's purely based on astronomy and mathematics. It is the most beautiful palace of knowledge with the most puzzling entrance," says Vedic astrologer Asish Kumar Das.

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April 20, 2009 at 9:50 am
(1) Hinduism Beliefs says:

Interesting article. I always was interested in Vedic astrology, I will look more about it.

April 28, 2009 at 8:13 am
(2) ashokagarwal says:

It is possible to predict the future but only what is likely to take place, not the ultimate outcome. This is so because a persn is born with the residual vasnas (ignornce) of his previous birth and the whole idea of this birth is get rid of these vasnas. His genitic makeup is therefore determined by these residual vasnas. Because the type of body he will inherit, his place of birth and the dirction that he will follow are all predetermined by these residual vasnas and hence his genes. This genitic makeup is avasilable in each and every cell on an individual. A person who has been trained in the science of this can therefore predict the future form studying any part of the body because after all it is the genes that determine every part of the body. But only the likely happenings, not the outcome. The outcome is determined by another faculty inherited by an individual i.e. his capacity to do KARAM. If an individual is bound by his vasanas he has the freedom of aciton and the ultimate outcome is determined by a combination of the two. If this were not so then human beings would have been robots.

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